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Nonlinear Dynamics of Many Particle Systems 

Granular Systems       Nonlinear Mass Spring Systems Flow of Dusty Fluids          Nanoparticle collisions   Physics of Societal Systems (Sociophysics)
Solitary wave interactions, quasi-equilibrium, equilibrium, rogue fluctuations, energy dispersion, crater formation and impact absorption in granular beds, acoustic landmine detection, soils Fermi-Pasta-Ulam systems,
localized nonlinear excitations, Duffing oscillator systems, chaotic behavior
, relaxation behavior in strongly nonlinear regimes
Dust filtration using agent based studies and Langevin dynamics simulations, colloid flow through constricted geometries Multimillion atom simulations of nanoparticle collisions at low and high velocities, study of force laws, energy transport Social stability in primate habitats, study of two-party competitions (as in battles), study of terrorist attacks
nanoparticle collision

By Ikiwaner - Own work, GFDL 1.2,
        Surajit Sen, Professor

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Research Group (incl. recently graduated students)

Graduate Students Rahul Kashyap (
Dr Michelle Przedborski (Brock )(,
now postdoc at Univ of Waterloo
Kevin VanSlyke (
Dr. Alexandra Westley (, now at SUNY College at Buffalo

Nathaniel Fuller (


Kunal Mozumdar (

Guo Deng ( - shared with Professor Gino Biondini in Math.

Undergraduate Students Tyler Barrett (
NSF Graduate Fellowship, now in PhD program in Physics @ Cornell Univ

Cody Kowal (

Past Grads (*non-physics) External Collaborators

Yoichi Takato (Asahi Glass Research Labs, Japan) Prof Mukesh Tiwari (Dhirubhai Ambani Inst)

Sourish Chakravarty* (on to MIT) Prof Huang Decai (Nanjing Univ Sci & Tech)

Prof William J Falls (at ECC,SUNY) Prof Thad A. Harroun (Brock U)

Taehyong Kim* (on to Carnegie Inst, Stanford) Edgar Avalos (Tohoku Univ)

Prof Linda Shanahan (at SUNY Coll Buffalo) Anit Giri (ARL)

R Paul Simion (on to Wayne State) Prof S Minhaz Hossain (IIEST)

Diankang Sun, (on to New Mexico Resonance) Prof Anindya Sinha (NIAS)

Laura Gilcrist-Kuhls* (on to Patent Law, CA) Prof Robert W Newcomb (U Maryland)

Robert L Doney (at Scientist, Army Res. Lab) Prof Masami Nakagawa (Colorado Sch of Mines)

Jan M M Pfannes, MS (on to Wuerzburg PhD) Prof Panos Kevrekidis (U Mass)

Prof Marian Manciu (at Prof, Univ Texas - El Paso)

Vicky Tehan, MS (at Delphi-Harrison)

Prof Donald P Visco Jr* (at Prof and Interim Dean, U Akron)

Thomas D Blersch, MS (at Exeter Govt Svcs)

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Recent Youtube Lectures -

I have a Youtube channel which has a collection of my class lectures and talks - please go here

Steel Institute Colloquium in Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, July 2017

Popular Lecture to high schoolers at the Birla Museum of Science and Technology, Kolkata, India, June 2018

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John Farallo, me & Matt Austin

Thinktwiceradio show with John Farallo & Matt Austin, Show #3 - Snacktime Physics

NPR show (Missouri Public Radio, STEM Spots with Professor Dave Cornelison)

In April 2016, we organized an all-invited Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics of Many Particle Systems in Buffalo, NY under the Physics at the Falls group of workshops spearheaded by Professor Eckhard Krotschek. The papers from this workshop will appear in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics B. Below is a photograph with many of the participants


American Falls at the Niagara Falls National Park by Surajit Sen, SUNY Buffalo photos are from University collections