Speleobiology Notes

A journal of natural history observations on subterranean fauna. Speleobiology Notes is an international, peer-reviewed online journal published by the Biology Section of the National Speleological Society. The journal specializes on brief observations on the natural history of subterranean organisms, such as predation events, episodes of reproduction, occurrence in unusual habitats or microhabitats, localized population extinctions, range extensions, new records of species at a given location, and many other natural history phenomena. The journal aims to serve as the primary outlet for much interesting and important information on subterranean fauna contained in the field notes of many speleobiologists, information deemed too fragmented, too brief, too basic, or simply too irrelevant to be included within full-length, traditional scientific journal articles. Speleobiology is a maturing science, much of its activity is discovery based rather than hypothesis driven. Transitioning from discovery based to hypothesis based science requires envisioning connections among seemingly disparate facts, connections that may reveal new patterns, patterns that then encourage formulation of new hypotheses on underlying explanatory processes. The editors of Speleobiology Notes hope that the journal will play a central role in weaving the fabric from which speleobiologist can draw exciting new patterns. The idea to the journal was conceived by Dan Fong (American University), and Michael Slay (The Nature Conservancy) in 2008. Katharina Dittmar (SUNY@Buffalo) and Steve Taylor (Illinois Natural History Survey) were critically involved with the implementation of the website, and the layout of the journal.