A maximum size and abundance record for Cambarus subterraneus (Astacoidea: Cambaridae)

Dante Fenolio, Matthew L Niemiller, Daphne Soares, Michael E Slay, Richard C Stark, Steve L Hensley


The Delaware County Cave Crayfish, Cambarus subterraneus is restricted to just three caves within a small region of the Neosho River watershed of Delaware Co., Oklahoma, USA.  Few individuals are typically observed during surveys of the three caves.  This species is listed as ‘Critically Imperiled’ by NatureServe and ‘Critically Endangered’ by IUCN.  We observed an exceptionally large female in Twin Cave, Delaware Co., OK; we also recorded a record count in the system.  Based on our observations at Twin Cave, we think this population is healthy with continued recruitment and with some individuals attaining large sizes and presumably old ages.


Astacoidea, Cambaridae; stygobitic crayfish; Ozark subterranean fauna; Delaware County Cave Crayfish; Cambarus subterraneus; record size, record abundance, site count

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5563/spbn.v5i0.41