A new cave population of catfish from Mexico. What’s on their menu? Frog legs

Luis Espinasa, Solomon A. Sloat, Katherine Parker


We report on a new population of catfish that inhabits a cave in Guerrero, Mexico. These fish have large eyes with all the normal retinal layers. Nonetheless, their apparent reduced reaction to light, reduced pigmentation, enlarged sensory organs, and biogeography hint that they could be a stable underground population, possibly cave adapted, and not just accidentals. We also report on the feeding habits of one individual, which included arthropods and, most interestingly, a frog.


Ictalurus balsanus; Catfish; frog; troglophile; troglobite; stomach contents; Papagayo River; Balsas River; Guerrero; México

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5563/spbn.v9i0.78