Current Personnel

Dr. Michael Yu

B.S. Microbiology University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
M.Sc. Microbiology University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Yu became an Assistant Professor at SUNY-Buffalo in 2006. He received his B.S. and M.S. from University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign where he majored in Microbiology. He obtained his Ph.D. from UCLA under the supervision of Drs. David Campbell and Nancy Sturm. After his Ph.D., Dr. Yu did his post-doctoral training in Dr. Pamela Silver’s laboratory at Harvard Medical School where he used yeast S. cerevisiae to study how protein arginine methyltransferase regulates gene expression

Chris Jackson

B.A. Biological Sciences & Mathematics University at Buffalo

PhD Student 2009-

Chris Jackson is currently studying the effect of protein arginine methylation on spliceosome dynamics in Saccharomyces cerevisiae; specifically, methylation of the U1 snRNP protein Snp1. Additionally, he is examining the role of yeast arginine methyltransferase Hmt1 on several aspects of stress resistance.

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Neah Likhite

B.Sc. Biotechnology University of Mumbai
M.Sc. Biotechnology University of Mumbai

PhD Student 2009-

Neah is studying how mammalian PRMT functions in signaling pathways.

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Bhavana Muddukrishna

B.A. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Boston University

PhD Student 2010-

Bhavana is studying the role of yeast Hmt1 in the pre-mRNA splicing commitment complex formation

Richoo Davis

PhD Student 2012-


Dr. Eric Milliman

PhD Student 2007-2013

Dr. Yong Hu

Visiting Scholar, Beijing Capital Normal University, China, 2011-2012

Dr. Yin-Chu Chen

Post-doctoral Fellow 2007-2011

Dr. Neelu Yadav

Post-doctoral Fellow 2009-2010

Yoonchan Hwang

UB Undergraduate Research 2013-2014

Viola Woo

UB Undergraduate Research 2012-2014

Julia Petrullo

UB Undergraduate Research 2012-2014

Holly Johnson

UB Undergraduate Research (NSF REU), Summer 2012

Sangwon Min

UB Undergraduate Research 2010-2011

Rujing Wen

UB Undergraduate Research 2009-2010

Jennifer Chen

M.S. Topic Research, Buffalo State University 2010

Liwei Xie

UB Undergraduate Research 2008-2009

Marda Hailu

CSTEP / UB Undergraduate Research 2008-2009

Jinjoo Cha

Summer Intern Undergraduate Research, Syracuse University 2009

Carrie McNamee

UB Undergraduate Research 2008-2009

Aderonke Olutunmbi

UB Undergraduate Research 2008-2009

Keerthi Kosuri

M.S. Student 2006-2008

Jennifer A. Vollbracht

M.S. Student 2006-2008