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Nonlinearity and Randomness in Complex Systems

The State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Mathematics

March 31 - April 2, 2006

Important problems in applied mathematics often possess both a rich mathematical structure and concrete physical or technological applications. This interdisciplinary workshop aims at bringing together researchers from academia, industry and national  laboratories working on problems at the interface between science, engineering and applied mathematics. Several topics will be addressed, both from theoretical and from practical perspectives. Particular emphasis will be given to theory and applications in nonlinear optics, lasers and optical fiber communications. 

The workshop is sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and the College of Arts and Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Scientific committee

  • Gino Biondini (U. Buffalo)
  • Bruce Pitman (U. Buffalo)
  • William Kath (Northwestern University)             

Local organizing committee

  • Gino Biondini (U. Buffalo)
  • Elaine Spiller (U. Buffalo)

Plenary speakers

  • Mark Ablowitz  (University of Colorado)
  • Steve Cundiff  (JILA / University of Colorado)
  • Rene-Jean Essiambre  (Lucent Technologies)
  • Christopher Jones  (University of North Carolina)
  • Radford Neal  (University of Toronto)

Invited speakers

  • Matthew Beal  (U. Buffalo)
  • Sarbarish Chakravarty  (U. Colorado at Colorado Springs)
  • Mikhail Chertkov  (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Walter Craig  (MacMaster U.)
  • Mikhail Khenner (U. Buffalo)
  • Gregor Kovacic  (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.)
  • Vassilios Kovanis  (Rome Air Force Laboratory)
  • Colin McKinstrie  (Lucent Technologies)
  • Dionisios Margetis  (Massachusetts Inst. Technol.)
  • Curtis Menyuk  (U. Maryland Baltimore County)
  • Peter Miller  (U. Michigan)
  • Richard Moore  (New Jersey Inst. Technol.)
  • Dmitry Pelinovsky  (MacMaster U.)
  • Bruce Pitman   (U. Buffalo)
  • Brian Spencer  (U. Buffalo)
  • Elaine Spiller  (U. Buffalo)
  • John Zweck  (U. Maryland Baltimore County)


  • The program of the workshop is now available here.   [Last update 10 March 2006]

Titles and abstracts for presentations

  • To accomodate everyone's requests and avoid delays in the compilation of the program, please email the title and abstract of your talk to Elaine Spiller no later than Tuesday February 28.

Travel to Buffalo


  • A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hampton Inn at the special rate of $76/night. To obtain this rate, please email your arrival and departure dates to Angela Zitto no later than Tuesday February 28.

Local information

  • Map of UB's north campus (the Department of Mathematics is building #33).
  • Directions to UB's north campus (where the Department of Mathematics is located) can be found from the UB explorer.
  • The Hampton Inn offers a free shuttle service to and from the airport. If you need to arrange for a shuttle upon your arrival in Buffalo, please email your flight information and scheduled arrival time to Angela Zitto.
  • The hotel is less than a mile walking distance from the Department of Mathematics. Transportation from the hotel to the workshop and back will be arranged during the workshop.
  • Visitor parking is available next to the Mathematics Building in the Fronzack A Lot (see campus map).  Parking is $6/day on weekdays and free on weekends.

New: selected topics on "Nonlinearity and randomness in complex systems", in preparation for the workshop.

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