Surajit Sen
State University of New York at Buffalo

About me -
I hold a B.Sc (Hons) from Presidency College (1982), Calcutta and a PhD from The University of Georgia (1990). I did postdoctoral work at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and Michigan State University before joining the physics faculty at the State University of New York at Buffalo in tenure track capacity in 1994. I have been a full professor since 2006.

My research interests in physics -
My research is on nonequilibrium processes and nonlinear dynamical systems as realized in nature and in social contexts. These works include studies on interactions between solitary waves, the likely existence of a new equilibrium-like state with large scale fluctuations, impulse acoustics based imaging of buried landmines, impact mitigation and sound dampening using granular metamaterials and studies of battle strategy and primate societies. I enjoy working on granular materials and on discrete nonlinear many body systems such as the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou systems (see the google scholar link below for papers).

My other love -
I am deeply interested in raising awareness about science and math in children and youth from the underserved communities. In recent years I have been involved in small-scale experimental work to determine which approaches may be appropriate to educate the nearly 3 billion youth of the developing world.

I gave a Distinguished Lecture at the National Academy of Sciences titled, "Can we empower the 3 billion youth of the developing world?" on June 15, 2021 at 11am EDT.  The lecture is here.

My work
The work I have done has appeared in some 160 refereed journal articles and discussed in about as many invited lectures in conferences, academic institutions, and government labs in the US and around the world. I am fortunate to be a fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) and of the American Association of the Advancement of Science. I have been a Fulbright-Nehru Fellow at the Indian Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology in 2017-2018 and a Jefferson Science Fellow at the National Academy of Sciences as well as a Senior Science Advisor at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

My service -
I am an Editor of the journal Granular Matter and an Editorial Board Member of journals Modern Physics Letters B and International Journal of Modern Physics B. I was recently appointed a Review Editor of Frontiers in Physics.

My university service includes chairing the promotion and tenure process in arts and sciences at Buffalo, being involved in human rights of scientists through the APS and in structuring bi-national science collaboration programs between individual academics. I am a past two-term president of the American Chapter of the Indian Physics Association and a former member of the executive committee of the Forum on International Physics of the APS.

My google scholar page (not terribly updated)

The Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Lecture Series
My recent lectures -