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I could be described as an African American male born in 1943 on Staten Island, New York to the African Americans, the late Dr.(hon.) Beryl E., of Bangor, Maine, and the late Dr. Roger K. Williams, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. After World War II we lived in Greensboro, North Carolina before emigrating, in 1948, to Baltimore, Maryland, where I was raised. In Buffalo, I have three daughters: Rachael, Rebekah, and Eve. In 1995, I married Glo E. Watkins Aniebo, Assistant to the Chair of the Department of Psychology at SUNY@Buffalo.


Mostly African (Yoruba, we think), 1/8 Algonquin (mother's mother from Ontario), 1/16 Carribean Canadian (mother's father had a grandfather who emigrated in 1830's from Haiti to St. Croix to Nova Scotia), 1/16 French (the owner of my father's mother and grandmother).


Integration of Baltimore Public Schools (1957) allowed me a good education. Indirectly, Sputnik allowed my mathematical skills to be honed in 1959. Raised in Baltimore (City College for high school class 1960) and Morgan State for B.S. (class 1964). I have an M.S. (Lehigh University 1967 in Mathematics) and Ph.D. (Lehigh University 1969 in Mathematics - Topology with a minor in Algebra). Since 1971, I've been a student of the teachings of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff.

Professional data:

I have worked at International Business Machines (1964), Pennsylvania State University- College Park, Ohio University, The Institute for Medicine and Mathematics, and Charles University (Prague). Currently living in Buffalo, New York where I am a Professor of Mathematics at SUNY@Buffalo. I have authored nearly 40 papers on mathematical research and have a book informally titled The Black Arts of Topology with Homotopy. I have lectured at over 80 universities and research institutions, in the U.S., Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, The Netherlands, and Poland. From 1997 to 2001 I was a regular columnist with the web journal Topology Atlas.

Other stuff:

Music: Played saxophone, piano, and/or congas professionally (1959-69).

Writing: I have had poetry, short stories and essays published (1967- present).

Visual Arts: Exhibited (1969-71) lucite sculpture, best new artist Central Pa Craft Show 1971. My work (1972-1983) as a blacksmith in ornamental and functional ironwork with The Rochester Folk Art Guild has been exhibited in numerous places around the U.S. I paint in acrylics (1983-96). I worked with computer graphics (1996-present)

Political/Social Stuff:

Founded several African American organizations, and have been consultant to National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, National Research Council, and National Security Agency. Locally I've worked with a National Public Radio affiliate, the United Parents, and The Circle Brotherhood association (a group of African-American men practicing, and dedicated to, the quality of life, successful manhood and parenting, economic growth and development, and the pursuit of excellence and spiritual development).

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